Hi there! 

What The 80/20 Affiliate brand is all about…

I educate others on the best, organic, white hat practices to launch your affiliate marketing business.

I focus on those on the ground floor, just getting started and trying to find their footing through the noise.

Affiliate Marketing can be overwhelming. There is no shortage of information in the age of the world wide web. The problem is, this leads to over thinking and information overload disaster. You will never take action if you are always chasing the newest method and trying to do what works for someone else.

I’ve been there my friend! I didn’t have the money to run paid ads for Pay Per Click campaigns with the hopes that they would become profitable then be able to scale so I had to get VERY creative.

I had to gain patience and understanding while being a full time entrepreneur.

I had to understand that I needed to approach this as a business and build it as such. Doing so meant I had to stop signing up for every affiliate offer I saw. Instead, I had to start with what interested me. Niche down, really hone my talents and sharpen while nurturing my weaknesses.

When I began to start thinking outside of the box. I started to see an abundance of ways to be able to build and scale a profitable affiliate business WITHOUT paying for ads and becoming a blogger.

In essence, I created a way to make passive income by putting 20% of the effort to reap 80% of the rewards. Affiliate marketing is truly a business model based on the Pareto principle.