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This is a brief introduction to how I stumbled into affiliate marketing and what it meant to me. It was in the last quarter of 2017 when I began my thirst for how to make money from home. I was now living in my car but still employed full-time for a company I had come to despise. (That’s a story for another day!)


I had just soft-launched my very first joint business venture and I was determined to become a successful entrepreneur. With this in mind, I decided, it was time to cut the fat! I intentionally got rid of my apartment and all of the bills that came with it. I canceled anything that wasn’t necessary for my personal survival and business growth. I was convinced that I had to have a shit ton of streams of income. After all, I felt trapped in my job because they were my lifeline at the moment.

I had just soft-launched my very first joint business venture and I was determined to become a successful entrepreneur. With this in mind, I decided, it was time to cut the fat!” – The 80/20 Affiliate Pro

So I begin feverishly Googling: How to work from home, easy work from home jobs, work from home opportunities…etc, etc. You get the drift! Well, as you could also imagine, this yielded all sorts of results. I had never been a huge fan of YouTube outside from watching a few music videos and hair tutorials but I quickly discovered WHY YouTube is called YouTube University! I started seeing business opportunities not simply work from home opportunities. Throughout all of the noise, there was one word that seemed to jump out at me… AFFILIATE MARKETING.

This lead me to investigate exactly what this was. That’s when I came across a marketing genius and the creator of ClickFunnels, Russel Brunson. I was instantly ready to drink the kool-aid and I dove headfirst. I purchased and read his books Dot Com Secrets and Expert Secrets. Then I signed up for the Funnel Hackers Course and received 6 months free full access to ClickFunnels. They have since turned this course into Network Marketing Secrets. I was exposed to webinar after webinar by the leading income earners of the company. 

I began to see the formula and the marketing strategy that was being expertly used by all of the marketing greats. 

These are great resources to get you started in Affiliate Marking:

The kicker was, when I realized that I do affiliate marketing on a daily, in my everyday life, EVERYONE DOES!! We are simply doing it for free in-person and online! Once I found out how to get an affiliate link, I started searching every website I encountered ESPECIALLY if I was using their services already. I discovered that I could’ve been monetizing my everyday life all of this time! This is when I made up my mind, that this was the business model that would fit for my life.

I was going to learn how to become a digital nomad, travel the world, teach others how to do what I do and enjoy every bit of it in the process! Affiliate marketing offers you the power to create your systems through strategy, structure, and consistency. This will, in turn, bring you the results many times over. Year after year and eventually in the form of passive income. Stick with me and I will get you to the status of an 80/20 Affiliate Pro!

Let me know your thoughts? What brought you to the site? Where are you with your business? Let’s dialogue. Share this post and let’s keep the convo going.

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